Cheese Knife by Herve Mons

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Herve Mons is a Cheese Affineur or Fromager Affineur as they say in France, of international reputation and a man who is passionate about cheese. Herve Mons company is involved in selling cheese, making cheese, maturing cheese,training and helping other artisan cheesemakers.

When making cheese you need to know how to transform milk into curds and then curds into cheese and the last step is the maturation or affinage. It is this maturing process that will develop textures, aromas, flavors and rinds.

Because of all Herve's work and many other excellent cheese makers we have the fast choice of cheese we have today. Perfect cheese deserves to be cut with a perfect knife and Boska developed a knife that carries the name of Herve Mons.

A knife specifically designed to cut the soft and semi-soft cheese with a stainless steel blade that does not stick to the cheese; a knife that is sturdy and is comfortable in your hand.

Country: Netherlands
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