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When you know someone who is a cheese connoisseur, you found the right gift. This gift box includes all the knives needed to cut and enjoy all cheese varieties; a Parmesan cheese knife for the very hard cheeses, a cheese hatchet for the firmer cheeses,... read more
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Herve Mons is a Cheese Affineur or Fromager Affineur as they say in France, of international reputation and a man who is passionate about cheese. Herve Mons company is involved in selling cheese, making cheese, maturing cheese,training and helping other... read more
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Gourmet Cheese needs to be treated like any other highly perishable product – and that means proper handling and storage. Most cheeses have a relatively short shelf life. Only whole wheels of cheese can be kept longer, but once a wheel is cut into wedges... read more
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These small cheese signs are a perfect way to show your guests the cheese you serve. They are made of white plastic roughly the thickness of a credit card; size: 2.2 x 1.2 inches. Write the name of the cheese, the country or state where it is made, the... read more
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When you serve a Tete de Moine and not all the cheese is consumed by the end of the evening or day, you need to keep the cheese in your refrigerator and store it well. This cheese dome is perfect for that; it fits on base of the cheese curler. This way... read more
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Le Guillotin from Reypenaer has been developed to enable you to cut beautiful slices of cheese, Reypenaer or Reypenaer VSOP at the table; and of course you can cut other hard cheeses as well. Le Guillotin is a cutting board with a sharp blade that can be... read more
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Maple Cheese Grilling Planks give a delicate smoky flavor to brie, cheddar, and other cheeses. Maple Grilling Planks create a buttery-rich, nutty flavor with a slightly sweet note to compliment your cheese of choice. The directions are: Soak – Heat –... read more
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A Presentation knife. That is an interesting name, but if you think about how to using it, the name makes sense. Once the cheese is cut,you can turn the knife and uses the tip to spike the piece of cheese and present this piece of gourmet cheese to the... read more
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These beautiful coasters will give your table the finishing touch. Made from American slate that is sourced from a family quarry in upstate New York; an area is world famous for producing slate roofs and other residential, industrial, and commercial... read more
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As the name indicates, the Roquefortaise was developed in Europe to professionally cut Roquefort cheese; a simpler name would be a Roquefort slicer. If you want to have beautifully cut cheese wedges, simply push down the handle and the cutting wire will... read more